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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Settlements: Pomeroy

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Pomeroy is located on a prominent ridge approximately twelve kilometres southwest of Cookstown.
Whilst the historic core of the village retains considerable character, modern development has extended the village westwards. A wide range of local facilities and services are available.
The capacity of the sewage treatment works is an overriding constraint on growth and planning permission for new development will not normally be granted unless a satisfactory means of sewage disposal can be effected.
Local demand for housing within the village is likely to be high. Single dwelling units of an appropriate design will normally be permitted on suitable sites within the settlement limit provided the proposal does not prejudice the comprehensive development of adjacent land. Comprehensive development will normally be permitted provided the scale, layout and detailed design of the development are compatible with the scale and character of the settlement.
Local Landscape Policy Areas are designated at:
  • Cavanakeeran Road (LLPA 1): To protect the mature treescape in the grounds of St. Mary's Church, which contributes to the immediate surroundings of the listed building and to the amenity of the village. Development in this area will normally be restricted to the appropriate extension of existing buildings and minor works;
  • Lucy Street (LLPA 2): To protect the ruins of an old church, a graveyard and mature landscaping within a walled setting. This area should remain in use as a graveyard;
  • The Railway Line (LLPA 3): The back gardens of properties along Main Street fall southwards towards an abandoned railway line. The area, heavily wooded and overgrown, is impractical to develop or farm and has been left to grow wild providing an area of nature conservation interest contributing to the setting of the village. The gradient of the slope and the difference in elevation between the valley floor and the hilltop become more pronounced west of Main Street. Although there is little or no vegetation in this area the landform is quite striking and merits protection. To protect nature conservation interests within this area and the setting of the village, development will be limited to minor works complementing the character of the area; and
  • Tandragee Road (LLPA 4): To protect the mature treed surroundings of a dwelling of local character. Development in this area will normally be restricted to the appropriate extension of existing buildings and minor works.
An Area of Townscape Character is designated in the centre of the village based on the quality of the built heritage. The design of development proposals in this area should be in keeping with the original characteristics of the area in terms of scale, form, materials and points of detail. The characteristic built form displayed in this area can also help inform developers in preparing development proposals elsewhere in the village to reinforce local identity.
An important viewpoint is identified at the western limit of the village where panoramic views of the valley south of the village and extending towards the west can be enjoyed. Development that would impact significantly on these views will not normally be permitted.
The Church of Ireland is a local landmark viewed from many vantage points in and around the village. Development that would impact significantly on views of this landmark will not normally be permitted.
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