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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Introduction: Plan Objectives

The main objectives of the Plan are:
  • the maintenance and enhancement of Cookstown District and its distinctive environs as an attractive and pleasant place to live, work and visit;
  • the integration of land use and transportation to reduce congestion and the need for car journeys and encourage a shift to more sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling;
  • the promotion of development within existing urban areas which benefit from ease of access to an appropriate range of services and community facilities and maximise use of existing infrastructure;
  • the maintenance of compact urban forms that respect the individual character and identity of settlements, avoid urban sprawl and unnecessary ribboning and reduce the need for expansion into the countryside;
  • the provision of development opportunities to meet housing and employment needs within a quality and sustainable living and working environment;
  • the protection and enhancement of landscape features, natural habitats, and man made features which are of conservation importance and contribute to the overall character of individual settlements and the wider countryside;
  • the consolidation of the network of open space, cycleways and walkways;
  • the promotion of opportunities for sustainable leisure and tourism development; and
  • the fostering of sustainable rural regeneration in appropriate locations.
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