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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
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The movement of people is essential to the functioning of any area, as is the efficient distribution of goods and services. The Department for Regional Development's Roads Service is the sole authority responsible for the public road system in Northern Ireland. Within Cookstown District the Protected Route network consists of:
  • the A29 (Moneymore - Dungannon);
  • the A31 (Moneymore - Magherafelt); and
  • the A505 (Cookstown - Omagh).
Public transport provision in the District is principally the responsibility of Translink, which operates both local and express bus services.

Regional Planning Context

The Regional Development Strategy (RDS) and Regional Transportation Strategy (RTS) set out guidance, policies and proposals in seeking to meet the region's transportation challenges. Both of these strategies share the same vision of a 'modern, sustainable, safe transportation system which benefits society, the economy and the environment and which actively contributes to social inclusion and everyone's quality of life'.
The major themes in the RDS relating to transportation are:
  • developing a regional strategic transport network;
  • extending travel choice;
  • integrating land use and transportation;
  • changing travel culture and contributing to healthier lifestyles; and
  • a modern integrated transport system for the Belfast Metropolitan Area (BMA).
The RDS and the RTS also reflect the transportation principles set out in the Northern Ireland Transport Policy Statement, Moving Forward, published in November 1998, which provides strategic guidelines for the long-term development of the transportation network and promotes a more integrated approach to transportation and land use planning at a regional level.
The RDS identifies a core transport network of important regional and metropolitan routes known as the Regional Strategic Transportation Network (RSTN). The RSTN comprises the 5 Key Transport Corridors, the Link Corridors and the BMA Corridors, along with the remainder of the trunk road network and the Regional Gateways. The RTS provides the framework to facilitate the future development of the RSTN.
The Department's current regional planning policies on the roads aspect of transportation policy are set out in Planning Policy Statement 3 (PPS 3): Development Control: Roads Considerations. PPS 3 sets out those matters which will be taken into account in determining planning applications involving development which affects the public road network and road safety. The Department published in December 2003 a public consultation draft revision of PPS 3: Access, Movement and Parking.
The Department for Regional Development is currently preparing PPS 13: Transportation and Land Use, which flows directly from the strategic policy guidelines within the RDS and forms part of the implementation process of the Strategy. The primary objective of PPS 13 is to promote an integrated approach to the planning of transportation and development at all levels in the formulation of policy.
Supplementary Planning Guidance is contained in Development Control Advice Note 15 (2nd edition): Vehicular Access Standards, August 1999.
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