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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
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Cookstown is the primary commercial centre serving the District. It has a well developed and vibrant town centre where the majority of retail, service and other business uses within the District are located. The main shopping area stretches from Oldtown Street through William Street to James Street and is complemented by the shopping facilities on Burn Road and Molesworth Street. There is also a superstore in the southern part of the town, at Sweep Road. Local shops are also found in a number of locations outside the town centre.
The larger villages of Coagh, Moneymore, Pomeroy and Stewartstown provide an important commercial focus for their extensive rural hinterlands. There is also a substantial number of isolated local retail and service facilities located in the smaller villages and wider rural area of the District, particularly close to the Lough Neagh shore.
Cookstown is also the District's administrative and financial centre. Within the town centre's principal shopping area there are several banks, building societies and other financial services operating from ground floor premises. There is also a number of other offices operating from small premises often above existing shops. The District Council Offices are located close to the town centre as are other Government Offices. Over the plan period, it is anticipated that there is scope for increased employment opportunities within the service sector.

Regional Planning Context

The Regional Development Strategy (RDS) emphasises the need to sustain attractive vibrant town centres performing a multi-functional role as prime locations for retail, services, administrative, leisure and cultural facilities. Cookstown is identified as a main hub, which has an important role to play in the life and economy of Rural Northern Ireland.
The RDS aims to:
  • support the network of service centres based on main towns, small towns and villages in Rural Northern Ireland.
The Department's regional planning policies for retailing in Cookstown District are currently set out in Planning Policy Statement 5 (PPS 5): Retailing and Town Centres.
Regional planning policies for office development in Cookstown District are currently set out in A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland.
The Department published in January 2003 a public consultation draft revision of Planning Policy Statement 4 (PPS 4): Industry, Business and Retailing, Services and Offices Distribution. The Department for Regional Development is currently revising PPS 5 and working towards publishing a public consultation draft.
Relevant supplementary planning guidance is contained in the following series of Development Control Advice Notes (DCANs):
Plan Policy RSO 1 Cookstown Town Centre
A town centre is designated for Cookstown.
Within the town centre favourable consideration will normally be given to appropriate development proposals that are in accordance with prevailing regional planning policy, and the policies, requirements and guidance contained in Part 3 of the Plan.
Cookstown town centre provides the most convenient and attractive location for a range of retailing, commercial and other facilities within the District. The Department considers that it is important to promote this location as the main focus for new retail and other commercial development in the town for the benefit of the community at large. Development proposals within the town centre will be processed in accordance with prevailing regional planning policy currently contained within PPS 5: Retailing and Town Centres. The town centre is identified on the Cookstown Town Centre Map No. 36b.
Plan Policy RSO 2 Primary Retail Core
A Primary Retail Core is designated within Cookstown town centre comprising James Street, William Street and Burn Road.
Within the Primary Retail Core development proposals for non-retail uses will be restricted in accordance with the provisions of prevailing regional planning policy.
The Primary Retail Core consists of the town centre's main shopping attractions. These include a supermarket and a wide variety of smaller convenience and comparison goods shops. There is also a healthy mix of professional and financial services, such as banks and building societies, which are complemented by a cinema and a number of restaurants, cafes and public houses. This part of the town centre also hosts a Saturday Street Market and is within easy access of the town centre car parks and the bus station.
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