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Cookstown Area Plan 2010
Policy Framework: Housing (Page 2 of 2)

Planning Policy Statement 12 (PPS 12): Housing in Settlements is being prepared by the Department for Regional Development. A public consultation draft was published in November 2002.
In addition, the Department published in June 2002 a revised Development Control Advice Note (DCAN) 8: Housing in Existing Urban Areas. This will be material to the determination of planning applications for small unit housing within existing urban areas.
Plan Policy HOUS 1 Housing Zonings
148.1 hectares of land are zoned for housing within Cookstown, to be released in two phases:

Phase 1 Housing Zonings:

70.6 hectares of land are zoned as Phase 1 housing zonings. Favourable consideration will normally be given to proposals for the comprehensive development of housing on such land subject to compliance with the policies and key site requirements contained in the Plan (see Plan Policy SETT 1).

Phase 2 Housing Zonings:

77.5 hectares of land are zoned as Phase 2 housing. This land will be safeguarded for housing, but will not be released for development, either in part or in full, prior to a housing land review in 2005. Until the review is completed, planning permission will only be granted on Phase 2 land for single dwellings that are in accordance with Green Belt policies under Policy GB/CPA 1 of A Planning Strategy for Rural Northern Ireland or any subsequent revisions, and that do not prejudice comprehensive development. Exceptions may be made for health and educational uses where a need has been established.
Following the review, land in Phase 2 identified for release will be subject to the controls under Phase 1. The residual land will continue to be protected under the provisions of Phase 2.

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Cookstown is the principal settlement within the District and is identified as a main hub in the Regional Development Strategy.(RDS) Large scale housing development will continue to be located in the town where there is ease of access to employment opportunities and a range of shopping, recreation and community facilities. Cookstown is also the preferred location for new housing development in terms of infrastructure and communications.
The housing zonings will more than accommodate the anticipated need for additional dwellings over the plan period. Accordingly, a phased approach to the release of housing land is adopted. Land within Phase 1 is sufficient to meet anticipated need well beyond the housing land review in 2005. Provided all the key site requirements for these sites are met, proposals for their comprehensive development will normally receive favourable consideration at any time over the plan period. Phase 2 housing zonings will be held in a land bank and safeguarded for potential future housing development. The Department will monitor new housing development in Cookstown and the release of Phase 2 housing zonings will be the subject of a housing land review in 2005. The need to release this land, either in part or in full, will be dependent upon the uptake of Phase 1 land. Development of this land is also to some extent dependent upon the construction of the Eastern Distributor Road. Accordingly, progress on the implementation of this scheme will be taken into account.
Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 housing zonings are able to cater for a range of housing densities. In zoning specific sites the capacity of the local infrastructure and road network has been taken into account. However, some infrastructural improvements may be required and as a result, where necessary, individual sites may need to be developed in stages to keep pace with the provision of that infrastructure.
In zoning sites for housing, care has been taken to ensure that these do not unduly interfere with environmentally sensitive areas, either in terms of features of the natural environment or heritage interest. However, on some sites specific conservation and amenity interests will need to be adequately protected in designing the site layout. Key site requirements are set out for each housing zoning in Part 3 of the Plan and these should be addressed in the submission of comprehensive design schemes to accompany planning applications for the development of these sites.
Plan Policy HOUS 2 Town Centre Housing
Protected town centre housing areas are designated within Cookstown.
Change of use of existing dwellings to non-residential uses will not normally be permitted within these areas.
Elsewhere within the town centre planning permission will normally be granted for residential uses above existing shops and commercial premises or as an integral part of mixed-use developments on Opportunity Sites
The protected town centre housing areas based around Burn Bank, Orritor Crescent, Coagh Crescent and Union Place are shown on the Cookstown Town Centre Map No. 36b. These areas contribute positively to the attractiveness, security, vitality and viability of the town centre and it is important that they are protected from pressures of other land uses. The key site requirements for the Opportunity Site OS 07, land to the rear of Orritor Street and Oldtown Street, specify that only housing will be acceptable on that part of the site that falls within the protected area. On other Opportunity Sites, housing will normally be acceptable where it forms an integral part of the development in association with other uses.
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