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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Ballyclare Town Centre Urban Environment

Urban Design

Policy BE 26 Urban Design Ballyclare Town Centre  
Urban Design Criteria to be applied to Ballyclare Town Centre:-
  • Development shall respect the established building line;
  • Building heights should generally be 2-3 storeys on principal streets to reinforce scale and character. Taller buildings of up to 5 storeys will only be acceptable where it is demonstrated that it acts as a landmark, building, which aids legibility; and
  • The external facade of development sites shall reflect the fine pattern and traditional character of the Town Centre.

Related Maps

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The above urban design criteria aims to strengthen the form and character of the Town Centre by promoting the appropriate urban development of key sites. It will ensure a coherent and legible public realm.
Policy for urban design criteria is contained in Policy UE 1 of Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.

Area of Townscape Character

Ballyclare Area of Townscape Character (BE 15) falls partly within Ballyclare Town Centre and is identified on Map No. 3a – Ballyclare and Map No. 3f – Ballyclare Town Centre (See clarification Map No. 3b – Ballyclare Area of Townscape Character).

Area of Archaeological Potential

In accordance with PPS 6 Planning Archaeology and the Built Heritage, an Area of Archaeological Potential in Ballyclare Town Centre is included for information in the Countryside Assessment Technical Supplement. Guidance on the implications of undertaking development in this area is set out in the Urban Environment Section, in part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.
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