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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015
District Proposals: Summary of District Proposals for Newtownabbey

  • The settlement hierarchy within Newtownabbey Borough consists of the portion of the Contiguous Development Zone referred to as Metropolitan Newtownabbey, the small town of Ballyclare, the villages of Ballyeaston, Ballynure, Ballyrobert, Cogry/ Kilbride, Doagh and Straid and the ten small settlements as identified in Designation SETT 1 in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan. The Plan Proposals facilitate development and redevelopment opportunities appropriate to the size, function, character and existing infrastructure in Metropolitan Newtownabbey and the settlements.
  • The District Proposals designate a portion of the Metropolitan Development Limit and Settlement Development Limits and zone and designate lands in Metropolitan Newtownabbey and the settlements in accordance with the BMA Settlement Strategy in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan. The Metropolitan Development Limit includes lands previously identified as ‘Whiteland’ in the BUAP 2001 at Hightown Road, for housing and Global Point/Ballyhenry for Employment/Industry and excludes such lands at Monkstown and Jordanstown. The limit takes in additional land for Employment/Industry at Mallusk. There are only minor changes to the Settlement Development Limits in the majority of villages and small settlements and Bruslee is designated as a small settlement.
  • The distribution of housing growth in the settlements is in accordance with the approach set out in the BMA Housing Strategy and accompanying Plan Proposals in the housing section in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan. Approximately 370 hectares of land are zoned and designated for housing to provide a choice of location, support urban regeneration, maximise the use of vacant or under developed land within the urban footprints and to promote compact form and includes land for the provision of social housing. Key site Requirements are stipulated, as appropriate, against which particular site development proposals will be assessed.
  • The District Proposals facilitate expansion of economic growth in line with the BMA Employment Strategy in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan and provide for 463 hectares of Employment/Industrial land. There are approximately 271 hectares of land for existing Employment/Industry land within Metropolitan Newtownabbey and 40 hectares within Ballyclare and an additional 146 hectares are zoned for Employment/Industry within Metropolitan Newtownabbey and 5.4 hectares within Ballyclare.
  • Transportation Proposals are identified which are intended to facilitate improved flow of vehicular traffic whilst promoting a reduction in car travel and the use of alternative modes of transport. The widening of the M2 and A2 will reduce congestion at peak times while the Hightown Road Link and Ballyclare Relief Road will improve accessibility to development land. The relocated rail station and associated Park and Ride at Jordanstown will improve access to, and provide for more integration with public transport.
  • The BMA Retail and Office Strategies in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan promotes town centres and accordingly Ballyclare Town Centre is promoted as a focus for retailing and offices through the identification of a Town Centre boundary, 2 Development Opportunity Sites and 3 Areas of Protected Town Centre Housing. District Centres are identified at Northcott and the Abbey Centre and a Local Centre at Glengormley is also identified to complement the shopping offer and provide for choice and convenience.
  • The District Proposals identify, define and designate as appropriate urban design criteria for Ballyclare Town Centre, additional design criteria for proposals within Merville Garden Village Conservation Area, 10 Areas of Townscape Character, three Areas of Village Character and 1 Historic Park, Garden and Demesne to protect areas of architectural, townscape and landscape importance in accordance with the BMA Urban Environment Strategy in part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.
  • Areas of conservation, archaeological, scientific, landscape or amenity importance or interest within the natural environment are protected through the designation of 26 Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance and 41 Local Landscape Policy Areas in line with the BMA Natural Environment Strategy in Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan.
  • In addition to the BMA Green Belt, BMA Coastal Area and Areas of High Scenic Value identified in the Countryside and Coast section of Part 3, Volume 1 of the Plan, the District Proposals designate 2 Rural Landscape Wedges to protect the landscape setting of Ballyclare, Ballyeaston and Hillhead and to protect visual and conservation amenity. District Proposals also identify Areas of Constraint on Mineral Development.
  • The District Proposals identify, designate and safeguard, as appropriate specific areas where the retention or provision of additional open space areas, recreational and other community facilities are required to serve the needs of residents and tourists.
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