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Belfast HMO Subject Plan 2015
Regional Development Strategy

The Regional Development Strategy RDS for Northern Ireland 2025 Shaping Our Future” provides a strategic planning context for planning policy and the preparation of development plans. It sets new directions to achieve a more sustainable pattern of development in the interests of future generations.
The RDS contains a Spatial Development Strategy and related Strategic Planning Guidelines that aim to provide a strategic focus that will guide future development in order to provide a balanced and equitable pattern of sustainable development across the Region. Within this context the RDS recognises the need to create a thriving Metropolitan Area centred on a revitalised city of Belfast (SPG-BMA1). The RDS also promotes urban renaissance in the cities and towns through the use of previously developed, undeveloped and underused lands within the ‘urban footprint’ for housing development and encourages the re-use of existing buildings. (HOU 4.2)
The RDS recognises that in meeting housing needs, the development of balanced communities is encouraged by promoting a mix of housing tenures and types and the creation of quality built environments which contribute to the achievement of safe, complete and balanced communities for people to live in. (SPG-HOU 6).
The RDS also promotes imaginative and innovative forms of housing development within urban areas (SPG-HOU 5), by encouraging an increase in the density of urban housing appropriate in scale and design to the cities and towns of Northern Ireland. It states that achieving an overall increase in town densities must not be interpreted as a mandate to force over-developed and unsympathetic housing schemes into established residential areas and concludes that the overriding objective has to be to avoid any significant erosion of the environmental quality, amenity and privacy enjoyed by existing residents.
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