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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
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Proposal KLH 03 Local Landscape Policy Areas
The following Local Landscape Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/014a Killyleagh Settlement Map aand Map No. 3/014b. Down Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Dibney River Corridor and associated planting

  • river valley, shoreline areas and important trees makes significant contribution to the landscape and setting of Killyleagh and Shrigley;
  • substantially tree lined corridor – for example, trees south east of Comber Road provide a distinct edge to the built up area and the historic core and poplars along the river between the two settlements and along Broad Meadows Lane are a distinguishing feature in the local landscape;
  • extends to include historical planting associated with former Shrigley House (now site of the tannery) and steep slope below Killyleagh Castle as an important part of setting of the castle above and the river below;
  • land adjoining river acts as physical break between built up areas of Killyleagh and Shrigley and helps maintain their separate identities; and
  • offers potential to extend the existing riverside walkway and link open space and community facilities in the centre of the village with the coast and countryside.

LLPA 2 Historical plantings and landform north of Coily Hill Road

  • localised hill of strategic importance to the setting of Killyleagh and Shrigley helping to maintain their separation and separate identities; and
  • comprises original parkland landscape of park/estate associated with Killyleagh Castle with historic planting.

LLPA 3 Killyleagh Parish Church and Rectory

  • adjoining listed church and rectory and their surroundings occupy prominent position on Church Hill;
  • landform - includes land sloping down to river as part of setting of listed church;
  • intervisibility of castle and church are important elements in the townscape of Killyleagh;
  • church sits in a grove of mature trees with its tall spire projecting above the trees and comprises a dominant element on the skyline; and
  • listed church and rectory and trees form attractive vistas from the water and from throughout the village.

LLPA 4 Killyleagh Castle and grounds and Coarse Lodge and associated lands

  • Killyleagh Castle, an outstanding building and local landmark, listed for its architectural and historical significance, occupies a prominent hilltop location and is a commanding feature on skyline viewed from within the village, the surrounding countryside and the lough;
  • the surroundings of the castle comprising its demesne grounds with historic estate planting and parkland landscape;
  • significant areas of woodland and rows of mature trees form strong visual features viewed from the village and approach roads;
  • open and exposed slopes falling to the south west also contribute towards the setting of the castle and its grounds;
  • historic Coarse Lodge - attractive traditional style dwelling and outbuildings situated in a valley and surrounded by mature trees; and
  • local nature conservation interest provided by pond and streams north of Coarse Lodge.
Part of these lands is also designated as a Historic Park, Garden and Demesne under Proposal COU 7 in Volume 1 of the Plan.

LLPA 5 St Mary’s Stile, Church and graveyard

  • archaeological site - 15th century church now in ruins, its immediate setting comprising the walled graveyard and wider surroundings comprising a field with scattered vegetation down to the Dibney River corridor;
  • secluded site surrounded by mature trees and vegetation; and
  • stone stile at entrance– St Mary’s stile - which has local and historical importance (associated with the poem “The Irish Emigrant” by Lady Dufferin, c1850).

LLPA 6 Riverdale Manse

  • listed historic manse and its designed setting including surrounding mature trees; and
  • situated in Dibney River valley between two areas of public open space and alongside the riverside walkway.

LLPA 7 Lands behind Seaview

  • prominent localised hilltop overlooking lough and visible from Ards peninsula as far as Portaferry; and
  • frames development around the quay area and is part of a series of hilltops which contribute to the landscape setting and urban form of the village.

LLPA 8 Lands between Comber Road and Strangford Lough

  • prominent localised hills, visually significant from Comber Road and Strangford Lough and from within the settlement;
  • listed building and its surroundings at Gocean Lodge including wall and remaining trees which contribute to its setting;
  • important area of local amenity importance comprising an undeveloped stretch of shoreline within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty;
  • important tree groups around dwellings at The Hill, Fool’s Penny and Seaside Manse and to rear of the cemetery on Comber Road as well as along field boundaries within the area; and
  • features individually worthy of protection and collectively contribute to the landscape and coastal setting of Killyleagh particularly when viewed from the Lough.

LLPA 9 Lands between Shore Road and Stragford Lough

  • prominent localised hill, visually significant from Shore Road and Strangford Lough; and
  • contributes to landscape and coastal setting of Killyleagh on the southern side of the village particularly when viewed from the Lough.
Proposal KLH 04 Area of Archaelogical Potential
An Area of Archaeological Potential is designated in accordance with Policy CON 5 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/014a, Killyleagh Settlement Map and the relevant Down Countryside Map.
The area identified reflects the area of the medieval and post medieval settlement beside a historic natural harbour where, on the basis of current knowledge, it is likely that archaeological remains will be encountered in the course of development.
Proposal KLH 05 Existing Amenity Open Space and Recreation
The following areas of existing amenity open space and recreation use are designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation and as indicated on Map No. 3/014a, Killyleagh Settlement Map:

Active Open Space

  • Braeside Gardens: Playing Fields
  • Braeside Gardens: Playground

Amenity Open Space

  • Braeside Gardens: Riverside Recreation Area
  • Cross Street: Riverside Walk/Recreation Area
  • High Street/Shrigley Road Junction: Toilet / Recreation Area
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