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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Down District: Clough

The settlement of Clough originally developed at the intersection of a number of medieval roads. The village is located 40 kilometres south of Belfast and 9 kilometres to the southwest of Downpatrick, at the intersection of the A24 Belfast to Newcastle and the A25 Downpatrick to Newry roads. It is also situated at the western end of the Lecale coast road.
Clough is a minor service centre for the surrounding rural hinterland with a shop, Post Office, primary school, church and church hall. Clough and Downshire Primary Schools have been amalgamated into a replacement school on the site of Clough Primary and is known as Cumran Primary School.
The settlement is located on a low ridge with a westerly prospect towards Castlewellan and the Mourne Mountains. There are excellent views from within the village towards Slieve Croob to the north-west and the Mournes to the south.
The settlement contains two archaeological sites, one of which incorporates the castle ruins and motte to the north east of the village which is described as a local landmark in the Northern Ireland Landscape Character Assessment. The castle ruin and its setting, together with trees running along the local ridge to the east, are important local amenity and landscape features. There are also six listed buildings and two listed structures within the village.
Proposal CH 01 Settlement Limit
A Settlement Limit is designated in accordance with Policy SETT 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/009, Clough Settlement Map.
The designated Settlement Limit is drawn to include sufficient development opportunities related to its local service role, while protecting its natural setting. A ridgeline running south from the Castle provides an effective limit to the east of the main settlement group, particularly when viewed from the Downpatrick Road to the north east. Existing fields to the north of the village provide an effective gap to the nearby Jordanstown housing development, while fields to the west of the Belfast Road provide an open aspect towards Slieve Croob. Fields to the south of the village are quite open when viewed from the southern approach road. Interim sewage disposal measures or development phasing may be necessary for future housing until such time as the required upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Works for Clough is complete and fully operational
Proposal CH 02 Local Landscape Policy Area
The following Local Landscape Policy Area is designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/009, Clough Settlement Map and the relevant Down Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Clough Castle, Clough House and surroundings including ridgeline

  • Clough Castle - motte and bailey and tower house, archaeological monument in state care including the original access from Downpatrick Road to the north and its immediate setting;
  • Castle is an important hilltop feature in the landscape affording panoramic views of surrounding countryside while the prominent ridgeline along former line of medieval road delimits eastern edge of settlement and visually links Clough Castle and Clough House;
  • important mature tree groups behind and within grounds of former Clough House and along connecting laneway to Blackstaff Road; and
  • site of former Clough House occupies important position at Castlewellan/ Newcastle Road junction, the building was designed as a focus for the modern road junction.
Proposal CH 03 Area of Archaeological Potential
An Area of Archaeological Potential is designated in accordance with Policy CON 5 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/009, Clough Settlement Map and the relevant Down Countryside Map.
The area identified reflects the area of the medieval castle and post medieval settlement where, on the basis of current knowledge, it is likely that archaeological remains will be encountered in the course of development.
Proposal CH 04 Existing Amenity Open Space and Recreation
The following area of existing amenity open space and recreation use is designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 8 (PPS 8): Open Space, Sport and Outdoor Recreation and as indicated on Map No. 3/009 Clough Settlement Map.

Amenity Open Space

Newcastle Road: Picnic area/lay-by
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