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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Down District: Ballynahinch Industry

In keeping with the status of Ballynahinch as a local hub, it is proposed to zone 5.05 hectares of industrial land within the settlement limit. The Down Area Plan 1982-1997 zoned areas of land for industry within Ballynahinch and some capacity remains within these areas.
An additional area has been identified at Old Belfast Road for industrial development in accordance with Policy SETT 1 and Proposal IND 3 in Volume 1 of the Plan as indicated on Map No. 3/003a, Ballynahinch Settlement Map.
Applications for planning permission within these sites will be determined in accordance with prevailing regional planning policy.
Proposal BH 17 5.05 Hectares at Old Belfast Road
Key Design Considerations:
  • all new development to be of a high quality of layout and design;
  • buildings to exhibit variety in their elevational treatment and heights;
  • direct and convenient access to public transport is to be provided;
  • the boundary of the site adjacent to the Belfast Road to be landscaped with a 8-10 metre belt of trees of native species to provide screening for the development and help integrate it into the surrounding countryside;
  • extensive landscaping using appropriate native species, (retaining and enhancing existing trees and hedgerows where feasible), shall be provided on the northern and western boundaries to reduce the visual impact of industrial uses in the landscape setting; and
  • interim sewage disposal measures may be necessary until such time as the required upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Works for Ballynahinch is complete and fully operational.
It is considered that the site is well placed in relation to the existing strategic road network, the proposed Ballynahinch Bypass and the proposed Park and Ride / Park and Share site adjacent to the Belfast Road, outside the settlement limit.
Proposal BH 18 Existing Industrial Lands
The following areas of existing industrial lands are designated in accordance with Policy IND 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/003a, Ballynahinch Settlement Map:
  • Lisburn Road
  • Antrim Road (3 sites)
  • Belfast Road
The above areas total 6.53 hectares of existing industrial land within the settlement limit for Ballynahinch.
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