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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Down District: Ballyhornan

Ballyhornan is a small coastal settlement and formerly a base for personnel associated with the nearby Bishopscourt airfield. Dispersed groups of temporary structures still remain to the west and south of the traditional settlement.
A number of the temporary units have been redeveloped for residential, industrial and commercial use while others are vacant or in use as part-time accommodation.
Proposal BHN 01 Settlement Limit
A Settlement Limit is designated in accordance with Policy SETT 1 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/021, Ballyhornan Settlement Map.
The designated Settlement Limit will provide certainty for the future of Ballyhornan and allow for limited expansion to reflect its existing scale and role. The proposed limit includes the traditional settlement core, re-developed housing areas and temporary accommodation once occupied by RAF personnel.
The limit includes an existing group of temporary accommodation units to the south and west of Rocks Road, some of which are in use as holiday chalets.
Interim sewage disposal measures or development phasing may be necessary for future housing schemes until such time as the Waste Water Treatment Works for Ballyhornan is complete and fully operational.
Proposal BHN 02 Industrial Policy Areas
Industrial Policy Areas are designated in accordance with SETT 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 3/021, Ballyhornan Settlement Map:
  • IPA 1 lands north of Killard Road
  • IPA 2 lands south of Killard Road
Development of these sites will be subject to the following Key Design Considerations:
  • provision of a suitable means of access linking the sites to the public road;
  • provision of an adequate system of water supply and sewage disposal; and
  • provision of appropriate boundary planting treatments, using indigenous species.
Planning applications within these Industrial Policy Areas will also be processed in accordance with the requirements of all prevailing regional policy. Some structures on the lands subject to this proposal are in partial use for industrial activities. The areas provide an opportunity for employment creation in a relatively isolated part of Down District and in an area which has experienced decline in the traditional fishing industry. The use of these areas to create employment, possibly in small starter units, should help to address problems of social need in the general area.
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