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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
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HPA 4 Lands to the rear of 252 –264 Main Road
  • Kirkistown Castle is an important visual element in the landscape and the site layout should ensure that views of the Castle from Main Road are retained;
  • an archaeological evaluation of the site must be carried out prior to the commencement of any development on site;
  • additional low level planting including hedge and tree planting of native species to be provided along the north eastern, north western and south western boundaries of the site;
  • positive management arrangements will be required to protect and maintain the open space, landscaping and any features of the natural or built heritage within the site; and interim sewage disposal measures may be necessary until such time as the required upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Works for Cloughey is complete and fully operational.
HPA 5 Lands to the south of Mill Lane
  • housing development to be a minimum gross site density of 20 dwellings per hectare;
  • the western boundary of the site to be landscaped with an 8-10m belt of trees and vegetation of native species to provide screening for the development and help integrate it into the landscape; and
  • interim sewage disposal measures may be necessary until such time as the required upgrade to the Waste Water Treatment Works for Cloughey is complete and fully operational.
Planning applications within the Housing Policy Areas will be also be processed in accordance with the requirements of all prevailing planning policy.
Proposal CY 03 Local Landscape Policy Areas
The following Local Landscape Policy Areas are designated in accordance with Policy CON 2 in Volume 1 of the Plan and as indicated on Map No. 2/010a, Cloughey Settlement Map, Map No. 2/010b and the relevant Ards Countryside Map.
Those features or combination of features that contribute to the environmental quality, integrity or character of these areas are listed below.

LLPA 1 Kirkistown Castle, Windmill, Rath and associated lands

  • archaeological monument in state care and open to the public - tower house and bawn: Kirkistown Castle, grounds and surrounding banks/planting;
  • uncompromised setting of castle including lands to north and east which afford views from public roads and the public cemetery;
  • adjoining listed barn and its setting comprising the immediate castle grounds and adjoining dwelling;
  • industrial heritage - disused windmill stump and surrounding fields which afford views from the north;
  • scheduled archaeological monument - motte to south west and surrounding golf course which is part of its setting; and
  • 3 local features of heritage value intervisible on low inland ridge above coastal settlement comprise a prominent sequence of landmarks and provide a distinctive landscape setting to the village.

LLPA 2 Landform between Portavogie and Cloughey

  • localised hill and important physical feature with steep embankment, ridgetop fields, raised beach area and foreshore;
  • landform forms buffer separating Portavogie and Cloughey and provides distinctive landscape setting to and a dramatic approach to both villages; and
  • attractive coastal landscape feature with small scale development along the raised beach and small local amenity picnic area along coast north of Cloughey.

LLPA 3 Presbyterian Church, shoreline and headland

  • locally important church is prominent landmark building on the shoreline situated at crossroads with surrounding graveyard to north and south;
  • undeveloped strip of land between Manse Road and sea partly defined by sea wall is important in local amenity terms and provides a link to original historical settlement of Cloughey (now mostly derelict);
  • localised hill, prominent headland and raised beach/embankment frames settlement to south and mirrors the landform at the northern end of Cloughey;
  • hilltop archaeological monument with large scheduled area – ruins of church, graveyard, cross slab and souterrain to south of village and surrounding undeveloped slopes comprising its setting; and
  • headland landform and localised hill topped by monument are important to setting of the village and visible throughout the linear settlement.

LLPA 4 Caravan Park and adjoining lands

  • valuable area of local amenity importance comprising exposed headland at northern end of village forms an attractive vista from the main road;
  • area of local nature conservation interest adjoining the declared Outer Ards ASSI;
  • undeveloped headland area is free of permanent built development and is designated to protect this area of undeveloped coast from undesirable or damaging development; and
  • attractive shoreline of local amenity importance including an expanse of sand dunes from where there are expansive views out to the sea.
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