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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
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LLPA 6 Drumlins and slopes on Bowtown Road

  • localised hills - prominent landform of rolling drumlins and slopes provides a distinctive landscape setting for the town, especially when viewed from the Comber Road and on approach from the Bowtown Road;
  • important mature trees along field boundaries and surrounding farm to the south of the Bowtown Road occupy a striking position on the skyline; and
  • prominent drumlin at the junction of the Ballyreagh Road and the Bowtown Road acts as a good visual stop to development.
Proposal NS 39 Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance
Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance are designated in the following locations in accordance with Policy CON 3 in Volume 1 of the Plan and indicated on Map No. 2/002a, Newtownards Settlement Map, the relevant Ards Countryside Map and in Appendix 5:
  • Ballyharry
  • Golden Glen
  • Gregstown
  • Kiltonga
Sites of Local Nature Conservation Importance have been identified and proposed on the basis of their flora, fauna or earth science interest.
Proposal NS 40 Court Street/Court Square Area of Townscape Character
An Area of Townscape Character is designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS 6): Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage at Court Street / Court Square, Newtownards as indicated on Map No. 2/002e, Newtownards Town Centre.
The distinctive character, appearance, key features and intrinsic qualities of Court Street /Court Square and the basis for its designation as an Area of Townscape Character derive from:
  • the mid 19th Century terrace houses in Court Street retaining much of their unique architectural detailing, for example, the Ards doorway typified by Scrabo Stone surround and keystone. As a group, the terrace on the South side may be considered a key building;
  • the formally maintained Court Square containing mature trees;
  • the Medieval Priory, a key building on account of its intrinsic architectural value, contribution to townscape and its varied history;
  • the 19th Century domestic buildings flanking the Priory, all in good condition and with their historic features well conserved; and
  • the 17th century Old Cross, north west of the Square at the end of Castle Street which, like the Priory, is of significant architectural and historic interest.
Uniquely, the small area of Court Street and Court Square contains significant elements of all the notable and formative influences bearing on the development of Newtownards; ecclesiastical, architectural, historical and archaeological. The history of this area is a unique reminder of Newtownards’ historical links with the textile industry and no other part of Newtownards remains where the style and layout of the buildings illustrate a specific era in the town’s industrial history, nor which incorporates so much of its earlier history.
The Area of Townscape Character is an area which has continued to suffer from site clearance and from marginal degradation. Passing by Old Cross Street towards Court Square the sense of cohesion is weakened by the vacant sites used variously for car parking and display. The townscape and some of the individual components appear increasingly fragile. Its capacity to absorb further unsympathetic intervention and yet retain its character is exhausted and it will benefit from the protection afforded by designation as an Area of Townscape Character.
Whilst it may not always be necessary for new buildings on vacant or open sites to mimic historical precedent, quality of design and the ability to enhance the character and appearance of the area will be paramount.
Environmental improvement could be achieved by reducing clutter caused by directional signs, street furniture, ground surface treatment and the unsettling impact of unplanned open sites, often used for car parking.
Proposal NS 41 Area of Archaeological Potential
An Area of Archaeological Potential is designated in accordance with Policy CON 5 in Volume 1 of the Plan as indicated on Map No. 2/002e, Newtownards Town Centre.
The area identified reflects the area of medieval and post medieval settlement where, on the basis of current knowledge, it is likely that archaeological remains will be encountered in the course of development.
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