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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
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Proposal DE 12 6.72 Hectares Land North of High Bangor Road
Key Design Considerations:
  • housing development to be a minimum gross site density of 20 dwellings per hectare and a maximum gross density of 25 dwellings per hectare;
  • provision of an 8-10m planted buffer of indigenous species along the northern boundary to reduce the visual impact of development on the edge of the open countryside and adjacent to the golf course;
  • access arrangements and dwelling layout shall be designed to ensure that units front onto existing public roads and proposed internal access roads; and
  • the footpath system within the development must connect with the existing footpath system serving Donaghadee.
Proposal DE 13 Other Housing Sites
Lands identified for housing include the following sites approved for housing and developed since preparation of the Plan commenced:
  1. 0.76 Hectares at the Breckenridge development, High Bangor Road
  2. 1.02 Hectares to the West of Morey Hill
  3. 1.04 Hectares at Seahill, Killaughey Road
  4. 5.46 Hectares to the west of the Edgewater development, Millisle Road

Apartment Development

Donaghadee has experienced a degree of apartment development, which has included the demolition and redevelopment of existing properties. Whilst the Department is supportive in principle of higher density development in urban areas in order to conserve greenfield lands, it is concerned to promote quality residential environments and to resist any unsympathetic change to residential character.
These requirements demand a design-led approach tailored to the local context, and the particular circumstances of the individual site and its surroundings. The use of standard house or apartment types will rarely provide an acceptable design solution. Key considerations are the height, scale and massing of new development and the effect on adjoining and nearby residential properties. A sensitive approach is also required in terms of highway design and the siting of car parking areas.
The assemblage of adjoining sites to form single larger development sites will be resisted, as it can result in the loss of prevailing development patterns and irreparably change the character of an area.
Policy DE 14 Apartment Development
Proposals for apartment development in Donaghadee shall respect the architectural, streetscape and landscape character of the area and shall be in conformity with its established character in terms of:
  • the set backs of properties from the street;
  • the treatment of boundaries, both hard and soft;
  • the structural landscape including the retention of mature trees;
  • the scale of built form, particularly in terms of the height and massing when viewed from the street;
  • the articulation of the roof and building lines;
  • the architectural detailing and use of materials; and
  • provision for car parking.
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