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Ards and Down Area Plan 2015
Ards Borough: Donaghadee Enivronment & Conservation (Page 2 of 2)

LLPA 7 Lands to south of Newtownards Road

  • historic landscaped parkland formerly associated with Manor House; and
  • attractive rolling countryside with large fields and stands of mature trees form a landscape setting to the west of the town.

LLPA 8 “The Commons” and coastline

  • attractive stretch of coastline affording views out to sea; and
  • valuable area of local amenity importance with extensive public walkways, and including both passive and active recreational areas.
Proposal DE 17 New Road/Warren Road Area of Townscape Character
An Area of Townscape Character is designated in accordance with Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS 6): Planning, Archaeology and the Built Heritage at New Road and Warren Road, Donaghadee, as indicated on Map No. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map.
The distinctive character, appearance, key features and intrinsic qualities and the basis for its designation derive from:
  • its land use, which is exclusively residential and dwellings in predominantly singlefamily occupation;
  • mix of housing types from individual landscaped sites to elegant stuccoed semi-detached and terraced houses, mostly Victorian in period but also with a significant proportion of 20th Century Arts and Crafts;
  • Warren Road, which is characterised by substantial detached villas, each an individual architectural statement, which collectively create a suburb portrayed by a distinctive gentility; and
  • No. 16 Warren Road, the only building on the road to predate the 1860s;
  • matured landscaping and planting;
  • the Presbyterian Church grouping and the Coastguard Cottages on Warren Road which stand apart from New Road in terms of individual character and from the ‘old’ town in terms of location. Of not inconsiderable significance themselves, they also contribute significantly to the Area of Townscape Character by way of their juxtaposition; and
  • the generally high standard of finish and design, combined with the absence of dereliction imbue the area with an air of prosperity and well-being.
Within the area, development will be expected to conform to the prevailing residential use and applicants will be expected to demonstrate how development proposals respect the overall character and preserve local environmental quality the designation is intended to protect.
The area is otherwise vulnerable to apartment development (conversion and redevelopment) and to sub-division of existing residential sites. Careful consideration will be given to the consequences of such fragmentation and subdivision of sites and buildings, to changing forms of occupancy, to the impact of the principal proposal and ancillary works on landscaping, amenity areas, boundary features and other architectural artefacts, to the impact on traffic generation and on visual and general amenity.
Proposals will be expected to conform to the existing character in terms of ratio of built area to open space, building line and architectural character and scale. Where proposals involve alterations or extensions, the effect on the form, scale and style of the host building and the relationship of the overall proposal with adjoining properties will merit careful consideration.
Proposal DE 18 Historic Parks, Gardens & Demesnes
A Historic Park, Garden and Demesne of special historic interest, supplementary site is designated at The Manor House as indicated on Map No. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map.
This site retains some elements of its original character and design to an extent that it remains valuable for its special historic interest and has been designated by the Department as a supplementary site.
Prevailing regional policy for the protection of historic parks, gardens and demesnes is set out in Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS 6): Planning Archaeology and the Built Heritage. Additional information about the site is contained in the Northern Ireland Environment Agency’s Register of Parks, Gardens and Demesnes of Special Historic Interest.
Proposal DE 19 Area of Archaeological Potential
An Area of Archaeological Potential is designated in accordance with Policy CON 5 in Volume 1 of the Plan as indicated on Map No. 2/004a, Donaghadee Settlement Map and Map No. 2/004d, Donaghadee Town Centre Map.
The area identified reflects the area of medieval and post medieval settlement where, on the basis of current knowledge, it is likely that archaeological remains will be encountered in the course of development.
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