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Former Shirt factory in Derry now demolished

Published on Sun, 15 Jan 2012 by
The former Hamilton shirt factory, which has been a danger to the general public in Derry, is now demolished.
Some internal structures had recently collapsed leading to the surrounding road being closed to traffic.

Commenting on the demolition Environment Minister Alex Attwood said;

"Common sense has prevailed and prevailed quickly in Derry. While this was not a listed building, it is very sad to see this old building disappear from the Derry skyline. Numerous people will have so many stories to tell of their days employed making shirts there. But the truth is that this building, which has been lying derelict for a number of years, was dangerous and we simply could not have the lives of people in Derry put at risk. it was untenable for the disruption of Derry's traffic and the upheaval of people's lives to continue. I would therefore like to congratulate the speedy action of my Planning officials, Derry City Council and the owner of the building for their swift action.

"I am though saddened that we have lost this building. Once demolished it can never be returned. However, the safety of Derry's residents and their ability to go about their business is paramount and unfortunately, demolition was the only option. And we should not forget the fine examples of factory buildings in Derry which are listed and have been converted for other uses such as the McCandless factory on Bishop Street and Welsh Margetson on Carlisle Road."

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