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Planners give advice on how to extend your home

Published on Tue, 1 Apr 2008
Environment Minister, Arlene Foster, today issued revised policy and guidance for those planning to alter or extend their homes.
The Minister said: “Many of us at some time in our lives will either extend or alter our homes or live beside someone who will. That is why it is important that there are clear guidelines in place to properly manage such proposals. Almost twenty-five percent of all planning applications received by my Department are for extensions or alterations.
"I am pleased that there was general support for this guidance at the consultation stage last year. I would encourage home owners to follow the new advice as it will help increase the chance of planning permission being granted and unnecessary delays avoided.”
The Minister said it was important that extensions and alterations to residential properties suited the existing building, fitted in with the surrounding area and contributed overall to a quality environment. It was also important to consider how neighbours may be affected and to provide them with adequate protection.
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