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Unauthorised Dwellings Demolished in Strabane

Published on Mon, 19 Jun 2006
A terrace of seven dwellings, five of which had not been built in accordance with planning permission, has been demolished in Strabane.
The unauthorised dwellings were under construction as part of a housing development of 22 houses between Melvin Road and Melvin Hall, Strabane.
Following an inspection of the terrace, the Planning Service confirmed that the dwellings, which were at first floor level, had not been located in accordance with the planning approval. As a result, the size of the rear gardens had been compromised and there was a potential loss of privacy to existing properties.
Enforcement officer Oonagh Given explained that a warning letter had been sent to the developer last month identifying the dwellings that were unauthorised and asking for their demolition. Although the developer discussed mitigating measures to make the breach of planning control acceptable, these were not considered to be sufficient. A recent site visit confirmed that the terrace of seven dwellings had been demolished and that the new foundations being laid match the approved drawings.
David Ferguson, Chief Executive of the Planning Service said: "This is an excellent result, brought about by the dedication and hard work of planning staff. We welcome the developer's co-operation in reacting quickly to our concerns. It prevented unnecessary public expenditure.
"This follows two recent successful Court cases instigated by the local Planning Office in Omagh and shows that the Planning Service takes all breaches of planning control very seriously."

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