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Planning Permission for Bangor Development Refused

Published on Mon, 13 Mar 2006
Planning permission has been refused for a major housing development on the eastern side of Bangor.
The proposal for the 35 hectare site, by Dunlop Developments and Boland Reilly, included the construction of 600 dwellings, a new relocated primary school, shops and community facilities. Planning Service issued a Notice of Opinion to refuse permission in December 2004 and a hearing was held by the Planning Appeals Commission (PAC) in December 2005. The PAC report of the hearing has been received and considered by Planning Service and the Minister, Jeff Rooker.
A spokesman for Planning Service said: "Permission has been refused because most of the site is in the greenbelt where there is a strong presumption against development. The construction of 600 dwellings in this location would be premature in relation to the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan because this scheme would prejudice consideration of the location and scale of future development in Bangor, outside the development plan process."
The official confirmed that a further reason for refusal related to the proposed access to Donaghadee Road which was a protected main traffic route.

Notes to Editors

  1. The Department received an application for residential development on the eastern side of Bangor on 22 April 1999. The site comprises approximately 35 hectares of land to the north of Donaghadee Road and to the east of Sherwood Road and Sherwood Park, Towerview, Glenview and Towerview Avenue including Towerview Primary School, Bangor.
  2. The proposals for the site included - the construction of 600 dwellings, the relocation of the primary school and shops/community facilities. It proposes access onto the main Donaghadee Road, a protected route.
  3. A Notice of Opinion to refuse planning permission was issued in December 2004 and the developer requested a hearing before the Planning Appeals Commission.
  4. The report of the Planning Appeals Commission following the hearing (13 & 14 December 2005), concluded that the application should be refused for the following reasons:
    • contrary to green belt policy;
    • prematurity in relation to the draft Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan; and
    • contrary to protected routes policy.
  5. Planning Service and the Minister have considered the report and accepted its recommendation.
  6. The application did not have the support of the North Down Borough Council. There were 22 third party representations to the application. Objectors were represented at the PAC Hearing.
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