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Major Business Park and Retail Development Approved at Bandbridge

Published on Fri, 21 Jan 2005
Environment Minister, Angela Smith, today signalled her Department’s intention to approve a major business park, retail warehouse development and factory outlet centre, at Banbridge. The site is on the edge of the town beside the Belfast - Dublin dual carriageway.
The Minister said: "This development will provide up to 40,000 sq m of retail warehousing, including a large unit which could accommodate a major international retailer. Outline permission was granted in December 2003 and I now have decided that full permission should be granted to a larger development, which includes a 20,000 sq m factory outlet centre."
The Minister pointed out that the development highlighted the potential of the Belfast-Dublin economic corridor and Banbridge’s role as a location for development which would serve as a cross-border catchment. She also welcomed the provision of industrial and business units as part of mixed use development on a 60 hectare site.

Notes to Editors

The application for full planning permission was received on 30 March 2004 and was dealt with as a major planning application. The applicant is Stoney Properties Ltd & GML Estates.
The development includes:
  1. Retail Warehouse Park with a gross floorspace of 47,612 sq metres;
  2. Factory Outlet Centre comprising a gross floorspace of 19,787 sq metres;
  3. Business Park comprising general and light industrial and storage and distribution units;
  4. Alterations to layout of previously approved hotel, petrol filling station and fast food outlet;
  5. New road layout to include new road bridge over A1, slip roads and roundabouts; and
  6. Landscaping and ancillary works for the above.
The site is on the edge of Banbridge beside the main Belfast-Dublin dual carriageway and extends to over some 60 hectares of land.
Outline planning permission for a business park, retail warehousing, hotel, petrol filling station, new road bridges and other infrastructure work was granted in December 2003 on a smaller site. The current proposal includes a factory outlet centre of 20,000 sq m as well as other changes to the previously approved scheme.
The largest unit in the retail warehouse development is big enough to accommodate a major international retailer such as IKEA. Outline planning permission which was granted in December 2003 also included a unit of the same size.
This proposal is for full planning permission and includes details of all buildings, car parking, landscaping and infrastructure works.
The developer has confirmed that the factory outlet centre is an alternative to previously approved factory outlet centres at Gilford Mill and Craigavon, and that these consents will be given up when planning permission is granted for the scheme at Bridgewater Park, Banbridge.
DOE media contact is Brian Kirk on 028 9054 0013.
Further details of the proposal are available from John Farmer, Chairman of GML Estates at 01481 710003, or Liz Anderson, GML Estates at 01225 338697, mobile 07966 567706.
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