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Unauthorised Dwelling Demolished in Portstewart

Published on Fri, 2 Dec 2005
A two-storey house which was not built in accordance with planning permission has been demolished in Portstewart.
The unauthorised dwelling at the Cappagh Heights housing development on Agherton Road has been the subject of a long running enforcement case by the Planning Service.
Dean Blackwood, Principal Planning Officer said: "We had issued a number of warnings to the developer and works had ceased pending a resolution to the case. It was our opinion that the proposal was unacceptable in terms of its siting and relationship to an adjacent property. We were in the process of initiating legal action, however, the site recently changed ownership and the new developer accepted that it would have to come down."
An enforcement officer from Planning Service visited the site last week and confirmed that the house had been removed.
Dean explained: "We usually seek the co-operation of developers when a breach of planning control has been identified but when this is not forthcoming, we are committed to having unacceptable breaches rectified by whatever means available under planning legislation. In this instance, the dwelling was clearly unacceptable and the new site owner's co-operation in reacting quickly to Planning Service concerns, saved on public resources."
Failure to comply with such a Notice could have resulted in the developer facing a maximum fine of £30,000."
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