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The Planning (Conservation Areas) (Consultation) Regs (NI) 2006

Published on Mon, 17 Jul 2006
The Planning (Conservation Areas) (Consultation) Regulations (NI) 2006 were made on the 30th June 2006 and come into operation on 31st July 2006.
The Planning (Conservation Areas) (Consultation) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2006 (S.R.2006 No. 290)
This Statutory Rule was made on 30 June 2006 under Articles 50(3)(c) (conservation areas) and 129(1) (regulations and orders) of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 and will come into operation on 31 July 2006.
The purpose of this Statutory Rule is to prescribe the Department for Regional Development as the body the Department shall consult before making, varying or cancelling a conservation area designation. A copy of this S.R. can be found on the OPSI website.

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