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Planning Reform (NI) Order 2006

Published on Thu, 18 May 2006
Made at Westminster on 9th May.
This information on the Planning Reform (NI) Order 2006 consists of the following:


The Modernising Planning Processes (MPP) Implementation Plan was launched by Angela Smith MP on 3 February 2003 after a comprehensive review of the planning system.
Many of the proposed actions required legislative change. These and other proposed changes to planning legislation were consulted on through the August 2004 'Reforming Planning: Proposals to Amend Primary Planning Legislation in Northern Ireland' consultation paper.
The Department received 114 responses to the consultation and a Summary of Responses was published on 28 October 2005 highlighting the comments received and the Department’s consideration of the way forward.

New legislation

Following the consultation exercise a draft Planning Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 and Explanatory Memorandum were prepared by the Department. The wide ranging provisions contained within the draft Order are intended to speed up the development control system, provide additional enforcement powers and further streamline the development plan process. New powers are included to enhance community involvement and to protect the built and natural environments.
The draft Order and Explanatory Memorandum were consulted on during the period 28 October to 23 December 2005, with the Department receiving 57 responses to the consultation. A summary of responses to this consultation was published on 15 March 2005.
The draft Planning Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 was laid at Westminster on 8 March 2006 and was subject to debates in both the House of Commons and House of Lords respectively on 2 May and 18 April 2006. At the Privy Council Meeting on 9 May 2006, the Planning Reform Order (NI) 2006 became law.
The Order and Explanatory Memorandum, and other associated documentation such as archived consultation papers, summaries of responses, The Modernising Planning Processes (MPP) Implementation Plan, Regulatory Impact Assessments etc are available below.

Key Reform Order documentation

Legislation consultation (2005)

Policy consultation (2004)

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