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Changes to Permitted Development Rights for Agricultural Buildings and Operations

Published on Fri, 23 Sep 2005
The EC Nitrates Directive 91/676/EEC seeks to reduce or prevent water pollution caused by the application and storage of organic manure and chemical fertiliser on farmland.
DOE (Environmental Policy Group) and DARD are engaged in an action programme for implementation of the Directive which requires a minimum of 22 weeks slurry storage capacity on the agricultural unit.  Farmers therefore require larger slurry storage and, where such development exceeds the ground area maximum stipulated in Part 6 of the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993 (the GDO) they need to apply for planning permission.
The Department in conjunction with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development consulted in June 2005 on the possibility of extending permitted development rights to reduce the number of slurry tanks requiring applications for planning permission. A majority (88%) of those responding supported an increase in the ground area maximum permitted under Part 6.

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Changes to Permitted Development Rights Legislation

Following this consultation, the Minister decided to:
  • A time limited increase to 600 sq.m in the ground area permitted in Part 6 of Schedule 1 to the GDO for buildings or structures for the storage of slurry and manure either separately or in association with accommodation of livestock to 31 December 2007; and
  • Postponement of further changes to Part 6, following the consultation on the review of permitted development rights, until after 31 December 2007.
The Planning (General Development) (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2005 brings these changes into effect. It substitutes a new Part 6 Class A and Part 6 Class A2 for Part 6 Class A of Schedule 1 to the GDO. The new Class A applies from the operative date of the Order until 31 December 2007. Class A2 applies from 1 January 2008 onwards.

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