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Revised Planning Application - Householder Development Form PHD

Published on Thu, 28 Jun 2007 by
Revised Householder Development (PHD) Planning Application Form is now available.
As part of the continuing drive to improve and modernise processes and procedures, Planning Service has amended the Planning Application - Householder Development form PHD.
The form has been amended in respect of Section “B” to allow for a fuller description of the development proposal. It is important to ensure that a full and accurate description is given, so that stakeholders and other interested parties are fully aware of the nature and extent of the development proposal.
The form has also been revised extensively in respect of Section “D” to ensure that the legislative requirements under Art 22 of the Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 and Art 14 of the Planning (General Development) Order (Northern Ireland) 1993 are met.
The form will come into use on Monday 25th June 2007, and will be available from divisional planning offices from that date. After an initial lead-in period, which will allow agents to re-stock their supplies, only the revised version of the form should be used.
Please note that from Monday 17th September 2007 the older version of the form will not be accepted by Planning Service and applications submitted on such will be returned as invalid.   
You can find guidance on how to complete planning applications on the website or by contacting your local planning office.

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  • Revised Planning Application Form - PHD

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