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Programme to Return Invalid Planning Applications

Published on Tue, 14 Feb 2006
Planning Service has announced today a further move in its commitment to speed up the planning process.
Planning Service has announced today a further move in its commitment to speed up the planning process.
Over the coming months a new procedure to return all invalid planning applications, along with the fee and the reasons for return will be rolled out to all planning offices.
The new procedures will be introduced in Craigavon Divisional Planning Office on 27th Feb 2006, with the dates for the remaining offices being announced shortly.


  1. The new procedure is aimed at improving the quality of applications being made and to help ensure that your application progresses smoothly through the system without delay.
  2. The move follows on from the Modernising Planning Processes Consultation Paper where it received huge support.

Rollout of the Programme

Rollout will proceed as follows:
Division Implementarion Date
Belfast April 2005
Craigavon 27th February 2006
Ballymena 6th March 2006
Coleraine 3rd April 2006
Derry 13th March 2006
Downpatrick 20th March 2006
Omagh 9th October 2006
Enniskillen 16th October 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure that my application has been completed correctly?

We have recently re-designed our application forms and revised 'Guidance Notes to Applicants' to help you. Help is also available from your local Divisional Planning Office.
Planning Service use a series of checklists to determine if a planning application is valid. You may wish to use these checklists prior to submitting an application to the Planning Service. The checklists are available below for your information.

Will my cheque be cashed if the application is returned?

Most applications returned as invalid will have the original cheque returned, however some applications which make it through the initial sift will have the cheque lodged at that stage and a refund will be issued.

What happens if I use the wrong form?

Applications made on the wrong form will be returned as invalid. If you want to proceed you will have to resubmit your application, using the correct form.

Who can I contact if I have need any further information?

Please contact you local Divisional Planning Office.

Related Documentation

Checklists for Planning Application Forms

Please note these checklists are working documents, any changes will be made immediately on the website.Please ensure that you use the most recent checklist.

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