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Northern Area Plan 2016: Inspection of Counter Objections (I)

Published on Wed, 27 Jun 2007
Northern Area Plan 2016: Draft Plan
Planning Service published the above plan for public consultation between May and July 2005.
Over 5000 respondents submitted representations to the Draft Plan, these included objections to its various policies and proposals, objections to omissions from the plan, for example in terms of land to be identified for development and policies to cover matters not addressed in the Draft Plan. Statements of support for aspects of the Plan were also recorded.
The representations were placed on the Planning Service website to which the public were invited to inspect the original objections and submit written representations (known as ‘Counter Objections’) to them for an eight week period between March and May 2006.

Development Plan Counter Objections

Use the link below to search an online archive of the  Northern Area Plan Counter Objections
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