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Dalradian Gold Ltd - Minerals Planning Application LA10/2017/1249/F

Amended proposal now uploaded to view on the Planning NI Web Portal

The Department has now completed uploading of the amended proposal for the minerals planning application. This includes a revised description and amendments to the planning application, receipt of Further Environmental Information (FEI), other information and updates to the Waste Management Plan (WMP), supporting documents and provision of new and amended drawings.
The FEI and other information has been provided as an Addendum to the Environmental Statement which includes an updated copy of the WMP.
To view the amended application/WMP or submit your representations please go to the Planning NI Web Portal via Public Access using the reference number LA10/2017/1249/F; when submitting representations please quote Reference Number LA10/2017/1249/F for the full application and LA10/2017/1249/F WMP for the WMP.
The WMP may also be viewed online, again using the reference number LA10/2017/1249/F. The WMP main report and associated technical appendices A to K can be found in ‘Impacts Assessments and Statements’, titled ‘UPDATED ES (1) Vol 3 - Appendix B3 MWMP – Updated Waste Management Plan’. A stand-alone copy of the WMP main report can also be viewed in ‘Additional Documentation’ titled ‘Updated Waste Management Plan’.
Given the volume of new information it may be helpful to view a summary of the proposed amendments to the application on the planning portal. This information can be viewed in the document titled ‘Guide to the Planning Application (Addendum) - Received 27.09.2019’ which can be found in ‘Additional Documentation’ and the document titled 'UPDATED ES (1) Vol 1 - Non-Technical Summary - Received 06-09-19' which can be found in ‘Impacts Assessments and Statements’.
All of the above information may be examined during normal office hours at DfI: Strategic Planning Division, 71 Ebrington Square, Derry-Londonderry, BT47 6FA and/or Clarence Court, 10-18 Adelaide Street, Belfast, BT2 8GB. It is advisable to make an appointment before calling at the office, Tel: 03002007830.

Publicity, Neighbour Notification and Consultations Arrangements

Publicity, neighbour notification and consultation arrangements are progressing. Notice is being published this week in a number of local newspapers about the amended application and, separately, the Waste Management Plan. A copy of the notices can be viewed on the DfI Applications Advertised page. Neighbour notification letters are also now issuing to notify occupiers on neighbouring land about the amended application and updated/revised information.
Consultations have also now issued to a wide range of consultees for comment.
The newspaper advertisements and neighbour notification letters include, amongst other matters, details on how to inspect the amended application/WMP and make representations to the Department.

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