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Durkan Invites Views on Permitted Development Rights for Mineral Exploration

Published on Mon, 14 Mar 2016 by
Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, has issued a ‘Call for Evidence’ on permitted development rights for mineral exploration.
The Minister will formally gather views on whether the existing development rights for onshore oil and gas exploration need to be addressed.
Mark H Durkan explained: “The existing permitted development rights were designed to deal with onshore oil and gas exploration involving the conventional techniques that were used over two decades ago. The industry has progressed since then. The ‘Call for Evidence’ will provide an opportunity for all interested parties to express their views on key matters that they consider need to be addressed. I am keen to ensure situations such as the confusion in the planning process at Woodburn are avoided.
"I am urging people to submit their views to help shape the future of permitted development rights for mineral exploration.”
The ‘Call for Evidence’ paper is available to view or download via the link below.
Representations can be made until 13 May 2016.

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