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Publication of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 18: Renewable Energy

Published on Tue, 11 Aug 2009
The Department of the Environment has published the final version of Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 18 ‘Renewable Energy’. This follows public consultation on the draft document published in November 2007.
The aim of PPS 18 is to facilitate the siting of renewable energy generating facilities in appropriate locations within the built and natural environment in order to achieve Northern Ireland’s renewable energy targets and to realise the benefits of renewable energy.
The policy is accompanied by a Best Practice Guidance document which contains technical information on a range of renewable energy technologies.
Hard copies of both documents will shortly be available from Divisional and Sub-Divisional Planning Offices. The policy and guidance can also be ordered by telephone, by text phone, or in writing:
By telephone: (028) 90254877
By text phone: (028) 90540642
In writing: Planning and Environmental Policy Group, Calvert House, 23 Castle Place, BELFAST, BT1 1FY.

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