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Published on Mon, 20 Nov 2006 by
Guidelines for Development Proposals in Northern Ireland
The Department for Regional Development together with the Planning Service of the Department of the Environment has published in final form the Transport Assessment Guidelines for Development Proposals in Northern Ireland. This follows consultation on the draft document.
In February 2005 the Planning Service published Planning Policy Statement (PPS) 3 (Revised) – ‘Access, movement and Parking’ in a joint launch with the Department for Regional Development (DRD) who published Planning Policy Statement 13 – ‘Transportation and Land Use’ .
Both Departments also took the opportunity afforded by the publication of the PPSs to issue jointly prepared draft Guidelines on Transport Assessment for public consultation. The policy context for the guidelines is provided by the above PPSs. It is the objective of the guidelines to assist in the preparation of Transport Assessments for development proposals in Northern Ireland.
Copies of the Transport Assessment Guidelines can be ordered by telephoning (028) 9054 0616, by textphone at (028) 9054 0642, or by writing to the address below. The Document will be made available on request in large text print, Braille or audio cassette.
Regional Planning and Transportation Division
Room 301,
Clarence Court,
10–18 Adelaide Street,
Belfast, BT2 8GB.

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