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Publication of PPS3: Clarification of Policy AMP 3

Published on Thu, 26 Oct 2006 by
The Planning Service has published in final form a Clarification document dealing with the planning controls which will apply to access provision onto Protected Routes.
This document provides Clarification to Policy AMP 3: Access to Protected Routes of PPS 3, published in February 2005. The need for clarification on this matter has arisen to address an ambiguity in the policy as to whether or not particular roads are designed to an appropriate standard as Dual Carriageways, Ring Roads, Through-Passes and By-Passes; and to address in policy terms access onto High Standard Dual Carriageways, a new standard of Dual Carriageway that is similar in design terms to a Motorway.
An equality impact screening exercise of the Clarification document has been undertaken and is being made available for comment. The outcome of this exercise has indicated that this is unlikely to have any significant adverse implications for equality of opportunity or community relations.
The Clarification has been prepared in consultation with the Department for Regional Development (DRD) Roads Service who have provided an updated Protected Routes map for Northern Ireland and associated online schedule to accompany this document which is available at Opens link in a new browser window.

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