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Proposed Changes To Non-householder Permitted Development Rights

Published on Wed, 21 Oct 2009 by
The purpose of the consultation is to obtain views on the Department’s proposals to extend existing and introduce additional categories of Non- householder permitted development rights.
This consultation ended on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 at 6:00pm

Various minor and non-contentious forms of non-householder development are already permitted on the basis that their scale and nature is such that they would be granted planning permission if an application were required.  
A report was commissioned by the Department which provided research and a review of the existing Non-householder Permitted Development Rights. The report recommends the introduction of permitted development rights that are impact based and easier to understand.
The review:
  • focused on those parts of the Planning (General Development) Order (Nothern Ireland) 1993 that generate the greatest number of minor applications (e.g. Utilities - overhead power lines).
  • makes recommendations for “new” permitted development rights for a range of uses that do not benefit from permitted development rights (including shops, offices and “institutions”).
  • considered the impact of the proposed extension of permitted development on the interests of neighbours, the wider community and the environment and proposes exclusions and conditions to address these impacts.
Consultation responses should be with the Department on or before 22nd January 2010.

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