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Proposed Permitted Development Rights For Microgeneration Development Consultation

Published on Wed, 21 Oct 2009 by
The purpose of the consultation is to obtain views on the Department’s proposals on new permitted development rights for small scale renewable energy (microgeneration) development.
This consultation ended on Fri, 22 Jan 2010 at 6:00pm

The consultation paper has two strands.
Primarily it seeks the comments and views of the public and interested parties on proposals for microgeneration permitted development associated with non-domestic land uses, that is, land uses that are not associated with dwellinghouses.
A Policy Review of Permitted Development Rights for Small Scale Renewable Energy Development was commissioned from ENTEC UK Ltd by the Department. The report provided recommendations for the introduction of non-householder permitted development rights having considered the impact of extending permitted development rights to microgeneration development on neighbours, the wider community and the environment. It proposes exclusions and conditions to address those impacts.
The consultation paper sets out proposals based on these recommendations.
Secondly, the consultation paper also contains a section (Annex 1) dealing with proposals for domestic microgeneration permitted development rights that follows on from the previous consultation exercise undertaken by the Department in 2007. A copy of the 2007 domestic microgeneration PD policy review, the consultation document, responses and the Department’s summary analysis can be seen here. The current consultation document seeks views on both an appended draft Statutory Rule for Householder Microgeneration Permitted Development and the proposals set out in the previous consultation exercise.
Consultation responses should be with the Department on or before 22nd January 2010.

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