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Launch of new Planning Service Website on 18/02/09

Published on Thu, 12 Feb 2009
Planning Service will launch the next iteration of its website on Wednesday 18th Feb 2009.
The Planning Service website is one of the most visited government websites in Northern Ireland and, given its high profile, has been extensively re-designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers. The new look and feel of the website is based on and complements the Northern Ireland Civil Service corporate web layout.
The provision of planning information on the site has been re-organised to be more customer focused. The website provides enhanced accessibility with new dedicated sections for home owners, businesses, farmers and renewable energy. This is expected to grow in the future to provide advice and guidance on a range of subjects including waste management and mineral extraction.
The site also provides comprehensive access to supplementary planning guidance including Design Guides for Conservation Areas in Northern Ireland and Development Guidance Notes (DGN) for the Greater Belfast Area.
The next iteration of the Planning Service website includes a number of new tools and features to assist customers. These include:
  • A Development Plan Gazetteer to help identify which Development Plans cover your area.
  • Visual aids to help explain when planning permission is required for home owners and for the positioning of satellite dishes; and
  • A volume calculator to assist with the calculation of volumes for different kinds of buildings or extensions.

Future Enhancements

The Planning Service website also provides a platform to facilitate other electronic planning tools that will be made available to the public from April 2009 onwards.
These include:
  • A Planning Application Advice System (PANDARUS).  This web application, which consists of a set of intuitive eforms, has been specifically designed to enable both planning agents and members of the public to compile planning applications for submission to Planning Service. The Pandarus System will provide comprehensive support for users throughout the process including advice on the correct planning application fee, forms and enclosures required when submitting an application. The Pandarus system will guide users through the application process producing a formatted PDF file for submission to Planning Service.
  • Planning Explorer is a web application which assists members of the Public and Planning Agents in accessing up-to-date planning applications information without the need to contact their local planning office.
  • Development Plan Viewer is an interactive map viewer which will allow users to view development plan maps on the internet and enable to view Development Plan proposals relevant for a particular location within the Development Plan Area.
The website will evolve over the next year to become the Northern Ireland Planning Service Portal: a comprehensive one-stop-shop for all planning related information in Northern Ireland. The NI Planning Portal will:
  • provide comprehensive online facilities to submit, pay for and track the progress of a planning application;
  • provide online facilities for submitting property certificates;
  • enable the Public to track the progress of and comment on specific applications in which they have a particular interest; and
  • provide online access to a suite of statutory planning registers.

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