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Magee Conservation Area (Draft) Design Guide

Published on Fri, 19 Feb 2010
The Magee Conservation Area (Draft) Design Guide is now available for consultation


The Magee Conservation Area was developed in the mid to late 19th Century. The central campus now includes the Gothic main building, the traditional red-brick buildings (former professor’s houses), the Aberfoyle building and the Georgian Foyle Arts Centre building. There have been a number of contemporary additions to the campus in recent years.
While the Magee campus forms the core of the Conservation Area, there are a number of other distinct features, such as the Northwest Regional College along the Strand Road and the Foyle and Londonderry School House along the Northland Road, which are of great architectural significance.
The area surrounding Magee is also of note. Characterised by rows of terraces, such as Aberfoyle Terrace, these properties commonly feature narrow frontages, natural slate roofs and traditional fenestration such as sash windows.
The characteristics of the built form of the residential properties, the traditional architectural greatness of the many non-residential listed buildings and the relationship between buildings, garden walls and landscaping combine to merit the area’s status as one of three conservation area designations in the city.

The Design Guide

The design guide generally provides information on the planning context, historical development, character appraisal of the area and the designation and guidelines for development proposals.

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