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Statement on PPS14 Judicial Review

Published on Fri, 7 Sep 2007
Arlene Foster, the Minister of the Environment, has noted the judgement of the High Court today that the Department for Regional Development did not have the power to prepare PPS14.
Arlene Foster commented that her understanding, despite some press reports to the contrary, is that the judge has yet to decide whether or not to quash PPS 14. The Court has given the parties a week to consider the issue of remedies before finalising the judgement. The Minister has said that she will ensure that the two Departments will liaise in respect of remedies.
However, until the issue of remedies has been determined, the Minister has made it clear Planning Service will still take draft PPS14 into account when it is deciding applications. She also added that she is currently participating with other Ministers in an Executive Sub-Committee which is looking at the whole policy of single dwellings in the countryside.
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