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Sam Foster Pledges High Quality Residential Developments

Published on Tue, 26 Jun 2001
Well-designed high quality housing developments, fitting in with their surroundings, were promised today by Mr Sam Foster MLA, Minister of the Environment.
The commitment is made in Planning Policy Statement 7(PPS7) ‘Quality Residential Environments’. PPS 7 was unveiled today by the DOE’s acting Deputy Secretary John McConnell at the Civic Trust Awards ceremony at the Ecos Centre in Ballymena.
Mr McConnell said: "Achieving quality in the design of residential areas is not just about enhancing the quality of life today but about creating places to be cherished by future generations.
"The DOE has recently published guidance for developers seeking planning permission for housing schemes. The Policy Statement launched today will make it an inescapable requirement to adhere to the guidance and to clearly demonstrate the quality and sustainability of their schemes.
"The PPS has been the subject of extensive public consultation and it is pleasing that the vast majority who responded, including the Assembly’s Environment Committee, welcomed it. The Policy Statement has been revised to take account of issues raised through the consultation process, particularly public concerns about high density housing development in established residential areas, and strict controls have now been introduced over proposals for intensification in Conservation Areas and Areas of Townscape Character".
Copies of the PPS can be obtained from all Divisional Planning Offices or by telephoning 028 9054 0111.

Notes to Editors

  1. The DOE’s Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS7) entitled ‘Quality Residential Environments’ is launched today by acting Deputy Secretary Mr John McConnell at the Civic Trust Awards ceremony at the Ecos Centre in Ballymena at 10.00 am.
  2. Planning Policy Statements set out the policies of the Department of the Environment on particular aspects of land use planning and apply to the whole of Northern Ireland. They influence the content of development plans and the outcome of planning applications.
  3. PPS7 sets out the Department's planning policies for achieving quality in new residential development and advises on the treatment of this issue in development plans. It forms an important part of the Department’s Quality Initiative and embodies the Government's commitment to sustainable development.
  4. A public consultation draft of PPS 7 was issued in March 2000 by the then Minister, George Howarth MP and distributed to a wide range of bodies and organisations throughout Northern Ireland. A presentation was made to the Assembly Environment Committee in June 2000. Members welcomed the fact that the concepts and approach behind the Quality Initiative had found expression and policy guidance in the draft PPS and expressed general support for it. Following the four month consultation period some 50 formal responses were received from District Councils, statutory and voluntary agencies, professional bodies and individuals. The vast majority of these consultation responses were supportive of the document.
  5. The Consultation Draft has now been revised in response to the issues raised through the public consultation process.
  6. For further information please contact Philip Maguire, DOE Press Office Tel 028 9054 0013.
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