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Dungannon Area Draft Plan Published

Published on Thu, 25 May 2000
The Department of the Environment today published the Draft Area Plan for the Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council area.
The Draft Plan was developed as a result of close consultation between the new DOE's Planning Service, the Borough Council and other interested parties and has been published for public consultation.
Speaking about the Draft Plan, Mr Brian Hughes, Divisional Planning Manager, stated, "The purpose of the plan is to set out a local framework to guide the future growth and development of the Borough. It is also to inform the general public of the policies and proposals that will be used to guide decisions on planning applications.
"We have attempted to produce a plan that strikes a sustainable balance between the development needs of the Borough and the need to conserve resources in terms of land, natural and built heritage and landscape.
"I would encourage everyone interested to consider the proposals."
The main Area Plan proposals include the following:


Housing land in Dungannon is to be released in two phases, with 109 hectares available in Phase 1 and 146 hectares in Phase 2. For Coalisland housing land is also to be released in two phases with 78 hectares available in Phase 1 and 41 hectares in Phase 2. Site development briefs have been provided for the larger zoned housing sites in Dungannon and Coalisland to help ensure that quality sustainable residential environments are provided


75 hectares of industrial land is provided in Dungannon with 19 hectares allocated in Coalisland to meet the needs of IDB, LEDU and the private sector.

Local needs

31 villages have been identified which will be capable of accommodating a range of activities to meet local needs.

Protecting the countryside

The existing Green Belt around Dungannon and Coalisland has been retained and increased slightly in extent. Countryside Policy Areas have been identified along the Lough Neagh shore area, around Martray Lough and to the north of the Argory. Covering about 12% of the Borough, the policy within these areas will be to minimise development to protect the countryside and to prevent urban sprawl.

Town Centres

Town centre boundaries have been identified for Dungannon and Coalisland to promote these areas as the main focus for new retail and commercial development. A number of vacant and underused sites have been identified as suitable for a range of mixed uses. Town centre car parks are to be retained to ensure adequate parking close to the town centre.
The routes for a bypass around the town centre and the realignment of the A29 at Carland are identified in the Plan. These will be protected from development until the road schemes can be implemented.


Existing recreation and open space proposals are identified and will be protected from development from other uses. There is a proposal at Castle Hill for an urban park with proposed pedestrian linkages to the Borough Council Offices. Community woodland sites are identified in Dungannon and Coalisland. Open space requirements are identified in the Plan and the expectation is that all new large housing sites will be required to provide open space as part of the proposals.


There are a range of conservation proposals including the identification of sites of local nature conservation, local landscape policy areas, areas of townscape character and historic parks and garden. Generally, the policies are aimed at retaining these areas' intrinsic environmental interest.
A number of areas are identified where there will be a presumption against mineral extraction, including the Clogher Valley and the Loughshore area. Other areas at Coalisland and Dungannon are safeguarded for mineral extraction due to their importance in the brick and cement manufacturing industry.

Notes for Editors

The Draft Area Plan has been developed as a result of the production of the Preliminary Proposals Document in 1998. 261 representations were received about this document and these have been taken into account in the Draft Plan.
The publication of the Draft Plan marks the commencement of a 6 week consultation period during which objections can be lodged to any of the policies and proposals in the document. Depending on the number and nature of objections received it may be necessary to hold a Public Inquiry to have these matters resolved.
The Plan will be on public display at the Dungannon Leisure Centre on 25th 26th and 30th May, the Suitor gallery in Ballygawley on the 31st May and Clogher Valley Rural Centre on 1st June. Finally it moves to the Cornmill Heritage Centre in Coalisland for two days on Monday 5th and 6th June. Copies of the plan can be purchased at a cost of £10 from the Divisional Planning Office, Omagh and also at the exhibition venues on the dates above.
Any objections on the policies or proposals contained in the Draft Plan must be submitted in writing to the Omagh Divisional planning office by 6th July 2000.
For further information please contact Philip Maguire or Michael Henderson, DOE Press Office. Telephone 028 9054 0013 or 028 9054 0014.
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