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Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015: Plan Amendment No. 1

Published on Tue, 20 June 2006
A Plan Amendment has been published to reflect changes in the planning context and to address a number of omissions and inaccuracies identified in the Draft Plan.
The Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan 2015 is a development plan being prepared under the provisions of Part III of The Planning (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 by the Planning Service, an Agency within the Department of the Environment. The Department has decided to cause a Public Local Inquiry to be held by the Planning Appeals Commission for the purpose of considering objections to the Draft Plan including Plan Amendment No.1 to the Draft Plan.

Public Display of Objections

Following publication of Plan Amendment No.1 to the Draft Plan on 14 February 2006, the Department invited representations over an 8-week period ending on 11 April 2006.
The Planning (Development Plans) Regulations (NI) 1991, as amended, requires the Department to make copies of all objections to a development plan available for inspection prior to the Public Inquiry. Copies of all representations in respect of Plan Amendment No.1 to the Draft Plan, received during the 8 week period, including objections, may be inspected from 20 June 2006 to 15 August 2006 at the address below.
Of the 409 letters of representation, 353 refer to Proposal BE 14 Non Strategic Road Scheme Ballyclare Relief Road. Of these 250 representations were made by way of a standard letter and signed by local residents and other interested parties.

Development Plan Amendments 1

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