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Belfast City Airport Planning Agreement Modification Process

In March 2012 GBBCA submitted a request to the Department to vary the terms of their 1997 Planning Agreement (modified in 2008). The Airport requested that the Seats for Sale restriction be removed from the Agreement and replaced with a noise contour control cap and other noise control measures. The proposal was accompanied by supporting information including economic and environmental appraisals. A revised proposal and further supporting information were submitted in December 2013 and the Airport submitted further information in May 2014 and July 2014.
A public inquiry into the Airport’s proposals and the responses to them was held in May 2015. The Planning Appeals Commission's report of the public inquiry has now been received and can be viewed using the link below.
The Department is considering the PAC recommendations with a view to making recommendations to the Minister on if and how the Planning Agreement should be modified. It emphasises that at this stage no recommendation has been made by the Department with regard to any decision in the light of the PAC Report and no decision has been reached by the Minister.
However, to assist in this process, the Department invited any comments from interested parties on the issue of the PAC recommended noise control contour of 5.2sqkm (see paras 147 & 159 of the PAC Report). The Department was neither proposing to reopen the public inquiry nor was it inviting views on any other issue nor inviting further evidence. It was requested that comments were restricted to observations on the recommended contour.
Comments had to be received by 7th March 2016.  All written comments received by this date are available to view using the representations link below.
The original submission and related documents can be viewed using the link below
Use the link below to view submitted representations.

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