Planning Portal

Glossary: R


  • RBS - Radio Base Station
  • RDS - Regional Development Strategy
  • RPA - Review of Public Administration
  • RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
  • RTS - Regional Transportation Strategy
  • RSTN - TP Regional Strategic Transport Network Transport Plan


  • Ramsar Convention International - Convention on the protection of wetlands.
  • Rebuttal Statements - Statement from the Department responding to objections to a draft Area Plan.
  • Recovery - The reclamation, collection and separation of waste materials from the waste stream.
  • Recycling - The recovery and re-use of materials from the waste stream.
  • Regeneration - The process of improving housing conditions or dereliction within an area (including NIHE estates) using a variety of approaches including Redevelopment, Estate Strategies, Housing Renovation Grants, and the encouragement of the private sector.
  • Re-letting - The process of allocating tenancies of vacant social existing properties to applicants on the Common Waiting Lis.
  • Reserved Matters - Issues still to be addressed between receipt of Outline and Full planning permission.
  • Re-use - The repeated utilisation of an item/material for its original (or other) purpose.
  • River basin - See Catchment
  • Run-off - that proportion of rainfall which is not absorbed into the ground and finds its way into watercourses, eventually flowing to the sea.
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