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Glossary: N


  • NEAP - North East Area Plan 2001
  • New - TSN New Targeting Social Need NIHE Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • NIHE - Northern Ireland Housing Executive
  • NILCA - Northern Ireland Landscape Countryside Assessment
  • NITB - Northern Ireland Tourist Board
  • NPFA - National Playing Field Association
  • NNR - National Nature Reserve Site
  • NR - Nature Reserve
  • NRRTI - Natural Resource Rural Tourism Initiative


  • Non-ionising radiation - Radiation that does not produce ionisation in matter e.g. light, ultraviolet and radio. When these radiations pass through the tissues of the body they do not have sufficient energy to damage DNA directly. (source NRPB)
  • Northern Ireland Transportation Policy - “Moving Forward”, the Northern Ireland Transport Policy Statement, is a first step towards a strategy to move from a transportation system heavily reliant on the private car to a more balanced and integrated system in which public transport and non-motorised transport are attractive options for many trips. The Policy Statement proposes a more integrated and strategic approach to the transportation needs of Northern Ireland through the preparation of a Regional Transport Strategy. A consultation paper on the development of a Regional Transportation Strategy was published for comment by the Department for Regional Development in January 2001.
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