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Glossary: L


  • LEDU - Local Enterprise Development Unit
  • LFA - Less Favoured Area
  • LLPA - Local Landscape Policy Area
  • LOTS - Living over the Shop Project


  • Landfill Gas - A gas produced by the decomposition of biodegradable waste. It consists primarily of a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide.
  • Land Improvement - The deposition of inert waste on land for the purposes of:
    • improving agricultural land, for example where steep gradients are reduced and the land re-graded with an adequate surface layer of topsoil;or
    • land reclamation for necessary development, or
    • preparing other land for necessary development, or
    • landscaping, screening or re-grading other land.
  • Landfill Site - The controlled deposit of waste to land generally inolving the infilling of voids following mineral extraction.
  • Landraising - Involves the deposit of waste above ground, e.g. in naturally occurring depressions or as part of reclamation schemes.
  • Landspreading - The application of waste or sludges to the land and thereby Facilitating their degradation and incorporation into the top layer of soil. Fertiliser is usually added to assist aerobic breakdown.
  • Leachate - Liquid that seeps through a landfill site and by so doing extracts substances from the deposited waste.
  • Local Housing Area - A geographical area comprising one or more Common Landlord Areas which represents, in the opinion of the Area Planner and District Managers, a homogeneous area which represents a clearly defined social housing market. LHA’s have relatively little movement out to or in from other LHA’s.
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