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Glossary: H


  • HGI’s - Housing Growth Indicators
  • HNA - Housing Needs Assessment


  • Hazardous Waste - A waste that, by virtue of its composition, carries the risk of death, injury or impairment of health, to humans or animals, the pollution of waters, or could have an unacceptable environmental impact if improperly handled, treated or disposed of. The term should not be used for waste that merely contains a hazardous material or materials. It should be used only to describe wastes that contain sufficient of these materials to render the waste as a whole hazardous within the definition given above.
  • House in Multiple Occupation - "A house occupied by more than 2 qualifying persons, being persons who are not all members of the same family".
  • Housing Quality - It is Government policy to improve the quality of new housing developments. A ministerial announcement in January 1996 introduced the Quality Initiative to Northern Ireland. This announcement has been followed by the publication of “Creating Places” in May 2000 and Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS7), Quality Residential Environments in June 2001, which together confirm the Department’s commitment to to this Initiative. This initiative establishes the principle that the quality of a housing scheme is as important as zoning when assessing development proposals. A scheme consistent with the Quality Initiative will be designed to make best use of its surroundings, to have a sense of identity and distinctiveness, to show a variety and contrast in its layout, house types, orientations and finishes. Housing developments will also be required to contribute appropriate sustainability features, for example, movement patterns accommodating public transport, cycling and walking or the creation of wildlife habitat.
  • Housing Stress - An indicator of poor housing/ living conditions e.g. sharing, overcrowding, lack of amenity etc. Housing Stress is deemed to exist when an applicant is awarded 30 points or more under the Common Selection Scheme.
  • Household Waste - Waste from a domestic property, caravan, residential home or from premises forming part of a university or school or other educational establishment; premises forming part of a hospital or nursing home.
  • Hydrogeology - The study of water in rocks.
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