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Glossary: F


  • Fixed Radio Access - A low power (100 miliwatts) radio system for connecting individual subscribers in buildings to a base station.
  • Flood defence - A structure or works designed to prevent the inundation of land and property from watercourses and/or the sea. Such defences may take the form of floodwalls or embankments or the management of water levels through drainage works.
  • Flood plain - The generally flat areas adjacent to a watercourse or the sea where water flows in time of flood or would flow but for the presence of flood defences. The limits of floodplain are defined by the peak water level of an appropriate return period event.
  • Flood Risk - The statistical probability of an event occurring combined with the scale of the potential consequences of that event.
  • Flood storage - An area, usually within floodplain where water is stored in time of flood.
  • Freeboard - A height added to the predicted level of flood to take account of waves or turbulence and the uncertainty in estimating the probability of flooding.
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