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Glossary: E


  • EC - European Community
  • EHO - Environmental Health Officer
  • EHS - Environment & Heritage Service, DOE
  • EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
  • EQIA - Equality Impact Assessment
  • ES - Environmental Statement
  • ESA - Environmentally Sensitive Area


  • Ecosystem - A living community of interacting plants and animals and their physical environment.
  • Electromagnetic Field (EMF) - A form of non-ionising radiation which arises from a wide range of natural (e.g. earth’s magnetic field) and man-made sources (e.g. domestic wiring, electrical appliances, power lines and radio transmitters).
  • Enforcement - Taking remedial action against breaches of planning control.
  • Environmental Impact - The total effect of any operation on the surrounding environment.
  • Essential Interim Landfill Capacity - The Waste Management Strategy provides for the development of additional landfill capacity to meet essential capacity needs identified by District Councils prior to the establishment of an integrated network of waste management facilities.
  • Existing Urban Areas/Urban Footprint - These may be defined as the continuous built-up area of settlement as at January 2001. The boundary is represented by an uninterrupted line, often lying inside the planned settlement limit, and contains land which has a formal urban use.
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