Planning Portal

Glossary: D


  • DCAN - Development Control Advice Note
  • DEFRA - Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • DOE - Department of the Environment
  • DRD - Department of Regional Development


  • De Minimis - This term covers minor works which, in relative terms, may not have a material effect on the external appearance of the building or structure on which they are installed. As a result they may not come within the legal definition of development and hence not require planning permission. Where such minor works are proposed to a listed building, however, listed building consent may still be required.
  • Digital - Technology introduced in the 1990s as a method of transmitting speech and data. Offers increased security, and technical advantages with low powered phones.
  • Directional Antenna - Any antenna which picks up or radiates antenna signals better in one direction than another. Director General of Telecommunications – see OFTEL.
  • Drainage assessment - A statement of the drainage issues relevant to a development proposal and the measures to provide the appropriate standard of drainage. The detail of the assessment will be proportionate to the nature of the proposal. (It may also be called a Drainage Impact Assessment).
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