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Glossary: A


  • AAP - Area of Archaeological Potential
  • AOHSV - Areas of High Scenic Value
  • AONB - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • ASI - Area of Scientific Interest
  • ASAI - Area of Significant Archaeological Interest
  • ASSI - Area of Special Scientific Interest
  • ATC - Area of Townscape Character
  • AVC - Area of Village Character


  • Allocations - Allocating tenancies of existing and new build Social Housing properties to applicants on the Common Waiting List.
  • Analogue - The original cellular technology used in the transmission of speech by Vodafone and Cellnet since 1985, operating as an analogue system at 900MHz. Typically accessed by high powered phones installed in cars.
  • Antenna - A passive electrical component which can transmit and receive radio waves.
  • Attenuation - Reduction in strength of a radio signal as a result of atmospheric absorption, obstruction by buildings etc.
  • Area of Townscape Character - Area of historical or architectural interest identified in Area Plans.
  • Average Annual Re-lets - The total number of re-lets within social housing in the last 2 years divided by that number of years to obtain a mean figure of annual re-lets.
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